I can't believe it but......

……...in about 2 months im going to get a large sum ofmoney from my uncles succession.the first thing im going to do is buymyself a car.then im goingto buy myself a house.then im going to buy myself a serious w****.and ive already picked all of them out.its going to be so sweet.i cant believe how lucky i am.atlong last life is finally good!

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  • Yeah sweet dreams a hole

  • The housing market will bleed you dry and you will still owe money for 15 years.
    Get a 2 year old premium car. Save 20K right there.
    If you have a job keep it but reduce hours or take a break.
    Invest 40 % to some future RRSP thing. Make it make money. Not just spending it all.

  • ....and 10 minutes after all that you will be flat broke again. Most people that inherit someones $$$ burn through it as fast as possible. Sad really.

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