I currently hate my life

I have never wanted to be dead more than I have this past month. Everything has completely gone to pure s***. My moms husband left her and now my mom has been one of the shittiest people towards me. She treats me like I'm not even her duaghter,and it makes me feel like f****** crap. Every time I ask her for something she comes up with the excuse that she has no money,but yet she can buy 100 packs of cigarettes a day?? Prom is coming up and she can't even take me to go buy things that I need, like any normal mother is usually excited for their kid to go to prom but my mom on the other hand yells at me for even wanting to go. She does not even pick me uo from school anymore, which she never really has. And when she does its at 12 am. What a mother. Some people don't have parents at all and I get that but Id rather not have a mom then be treated like I'm nothing by her. Sounds s***** of me to say but its the truth. She cares about herself more than anything. Sometimes I want to kill myself,sometimes I want to run away. I just need to get away somehow.

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  • F***** prom is what your so oooooh worried about?? And thats what I'm commenting on cause that's as far as I could read this complete bullshit, if your mom is so f***** bad bout figure out a way to get your own place and pat all your own bill, and that way you don't have to worry about her, make your own way or stop cryin

  • I'm only 16 and if I can leave I would.

  • Do you have any aunts, uncles who could help out - not just the prom dress, but your mother sounds severely depressed. I'm so sorry you are dealing with this - good luck!

  • I feel your pain. I went through something similar growing up - it was horrible to not be cared for and know that your mother has checked out - mine would pretend to be the best mother on top of it/ she taught my rich neighbors daughter to drive but refused to teach me - I had to rent a car. The other girl had her own helicopter and good parents. She certainly didn't need my mother to teach her; yet my mother wouldn't miss an opportunity to look like mother Theresa . She once left me in a snowstorm over 10 miles away at college to walk home - guess who saw me and drove me home: the rich girls' father. God bless sweetie you are not alone!

  • Do not kill yourself and do not run away. This is will pass. But it may be to your benefit to have a heart to heart with your mom and tell her how you feel. Sit her down and ask to talk. And tell her that you are very sorry that her husband left. That you know she is upset and depressed. But with all this going on, stress to her that you NEED her too. And you need for her to be your mom and to be there for you. Explain that you are upset and confused by her yelling at you for the smallest things. That you are going to prom and you want her to be excited for you. This is a big thing in a teens life and as a mom she should be helping you. This is something you will remember for a long time and very possibly resent her for if she isn't willing to help you. At least try talking with her. If she is still focused on having a pity party, then maybe you can ask for the money and ask one of your friends mothers to help you or call uber or something so you can go shopping.

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