I have a rape fetish. My ex almost

I have a rape fetish. My ex almost raped me one time and it turned me on so much. Now i just want to be over powered and overwhelmed. Hold my arms down and open my legs with yours. Put your hand over my mouth so I can't scream. Shove it inside me and listen and watch me fight. Then do it harder and make me scream in pain. C** inside me and then make me feel like a used s***.

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  • i hope to God that you are never actually raped. nobody deserves that.

  • I would like my boyfriend to do something like that, because I am always wanting to try new things. I do not think he would be very comfortable pretending to rape and abuse me. I can tell I would like it though, cause when I give him head, he likes to push my head down, almost to the point where I can't breathe, and it makes me soooo wet!

  • DAMN you f****** s***. I'd love to rape your little ass while your daddy watched.

  • i think that's s&m almost, hun.

    "you cannot rape the willing"

  • Yes, the safe word is the key, as well as discussing boundaries beforehand. If you don't define how far to go, problems are bound to happen... at the same time, it's a fun and very liberating experience... not to mention extremely hot.

  • I had a girlfriend that wanted that. She told me her parents were going to be out of town for the weekend and I should suprise her on Friday night. Hide in the closet jump out, tie her down, force her to do what ever I wanted. That is what I did. It was fun, she was screeming and fighting back, moaning and panting. I did what I wanted and then after a couple of hours let her up and she was p*****! It seems it wasn't as fun as she thought it would be and we never discused the parameters of the encounter. I found out years later in a situation like that you need to have a safe word. It wouldn't of mattered any way I gagged her. Let's just say it placed a wedge between us. I would have done anything she wanted to make it right, I loved her very much and would of never "attacked" her if that wasn't what she wanted. When she broke up with me one of the things she said was she "knew" my true nature and didn't think she could ever trust me again. So if you want to live out that fantasy be ready for the fallout.

  • i kinda like it rough like that too..but i would only be comfortable doing that kind of stuff with guys i feel safe with. I've actaully done it with only one boyfriend before....mmm
    Liking it rough and to be dominated isn't bad..as long as you are safe and with a trustworthy partner.

    Have fun.

  • WTF

  • I'll do that to you anytime

  • Ditto

  • You've got some real issues.

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