I feel like a loser who would never get

I feel like a loser who would never get a girlfriend because i'm almost 21 and never had one but i also have a bunch of girls telling me i look good if i keep my hair short but i would feel like a sell out if i do because i like both my hair spiked out and my hair medium long but it the fact i like it better spiked up because girls like it that way that makes me feel like a sell out

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  • i'm a guy i'm looking for a chick

  • you never know! mr right might be just around the corner!
    keep your hair the way you like it. people who love you take you for who you are. good luck.......i'm 12

  • be yourself. Wear you hair how YOU want too. So many guys have told me to grow out my hair, my ex even threatened me if I didn't. But I've kept it short. it's who I am, and you know what? people DO like me. I'm dirrerent from other girls. and I'm not trying to just please people.

    Keep your hair the way you want it, hun.

    I'm sure it looks great!!

  • go point espeical consider the girls that like me with short hair are smoking

  • Look at it this way:

    You can either be a sell out or a virgin for life.

    I'd much rather be a sellout.

  • yeah why

  • Are you the same guy that was asking about how to tell if a girl likes you?

  • i like this girl that comes into my job should i just start talking to her she already always says hello and goodbye to me when i see her

  • I think you're thinking about this too much. If you want a girl to like you, she'll like you for a lot more than how your hair looks. As long as it's clean and well groomed, you'll be fine. Just relax and be yourself, and everything will work out.

  • individualism but i mean i don't think me spiking my hair up is me selling out because i still like and still do everything else i do i want to keep it short because its easier to take care of

  • Decide if your individualism, or getting laid, is more important to you.

  • i like my hair spiked up better then trying to let it grow out cuz its easier to deal with but i think people might think its for another reason

  • Do what you want to do, what makes you happy. If you give in to other people's standards now, you will continue to do that in the future.

  • anyone

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