I Cheated on my husband..more then one time, and for the past year I was seeing another man and have ended it. I have even cheated on him few times before we got married :( I feel really bad about it, he caught me once and I lied about having s** with the guy. I know it was wrong and feel really bad about it.I don't know whats wrong with me, I love my husband with all my heart and he very good to me and sweet but we just do not have s** a lot anymore and he just never wants to do much of anything.. am I that bad of a person? I feel like such a w**** and I stop I never wanna cheat on him again.

Mar 2, 2012

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  • S***

  • I am not here to judge. I simply want you t see things in another light. Consider what your husband would feel if he knew you had cheated on him...If the pain which he would undoubtedly experience as a result of your actions doesn't cause you to regret them at all, then can you truly say you love him?

  • I caught my wife cheating and we still together. We hardly have s**. Sometimes I hate her and sometimes I dont.

  • I like your s** drive. Your husband has taken on more than he can handle. It may not work out in the end but if you want to keep him you need to be more careful in your cheating.

  • One word: W****.

  • Two words: F*** YOU.

  • Still a w****.

  • Dude people dont treat her like that!A guy can cheat on his wife anytime but a wife cant do it?I mean it was a really mean and wrong thing you did,but if you quit it and apologize to your husband it will be okay.We all make mistakes.Maybe you can make it up to him;)
    And to the one who said "hope you get raped"...well i hope YOU get raped horribly then killed and left in the forest.There you get what you give.
    Mah maybe he should cheat you back...but that would be very unlogical...

  • maybe he found out he like man or 12years old girl

  • What do you look like?

  • Blonde hair, 5'4", considered attractive and definitely endowed.

    How about you, Sailor?

  • He dos'nt want to have s** with u! not because u r a w****(whores at least make money}u r below a w****,u are a worthless piece of s***!!!HOPE U GET RAPED!.....u would probly like it tho...C***

  • Kiss my T***! Dickface!

  • If he caught you once, and you aren't in the street....then he's an idiot.

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