I am emo through and through. i never see my dad. my friends turn on me. all guys i like i just cant trust them. my friend is tryin to stop my cuttin. and a bunch of other things. 18 scars. over 70 times i have reached thst extent. i dont have a heart anymore. all i wanna do is cry, listen to coldplay, and email my friend. he helps...alot. i just dont see why i have to live anymore. i dont get the point.

Dec 22, 2010

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  • shut up ruthless c****, shes bad with words, 'emo' isn't just a music genre its sort for emotional, lol yous too must feel sooo tough picking on a teenager i'm amusing that is.. low lifes, haha. you'd think only teenagers would be on this site anyway hay since they are YOUNG and learning and want to know more about reality. yous clearly don't have lifes. mutttttttts!

  • Re-type that, in English this time.

  • Wow, emo, so deep, so true... SHUT THE F*** UP! You're stereotyping your own personality, goddamnit!!! How old are you, 15?!?!
    Anyway, what will you do when you're married and your husband will not be the way he used to be, and your children will p*** their diapers all day and you'll have a tough job and feel lost all the time?
    Why don't you enjoy this time you have by finding out who you really are, not by complaining like a stupid "emo" kid...Why do you cut? You know you can replace that rush you get from cutting with some other activities like running, for example...


    "Emo" is nothing more than a genre of music, stupid kid. If you're so sad and self-harming go f****** kill yourself. The world is better without you dumb "omg this 'subculture' is soooo cool" children.

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