Ive been having suicidal thoughts life just seems to hard im not emo i just dont wanna live anymore i tried already swallowed 3 bottles of tylenal but it didnt work i jus dont know wat 2 do anymore

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  • Drink a bottle of antifreeze.

  • Please PLEASE go see a doctor NOW. That much tylenol can cause permanent severe liver damage and if you took it recently (like in the last few days) you could still be in danger of death. PLEASE see someone straight away - whatever your life might be like, is it really worth throwing it all away?

  • thnx but its no use im done im doing it 2nite in my garage i think im gunna hang myself i don wanna strangle tho broken kneck quick painless i know i dont know u but i feel like i hav 2 say it 2 sum1 i love u an i hope u miss me

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