It's strange to do this but I have no

It's strange to do this but I have no where else to turn. Long story short ... When my wife and I got married she had a storage place with all the stuff from her first marrage. I paid for the storage for almost 2 years, till I agreed she could keep it in the garage till she could go through it.
2 years later she never did go thru it, so I did. As I was going through it I found a vcr tape marked "p***", when I went to watch it I found that It was a homemade p*** starring my wife and her ex-husband.
It made me angry because she was doing and enjoying a an activity that I'm not allowed to enjoy. I don't know what to do or how to feel. Ever since that day she has seen something different in me. I am confused because on that tape she was so different than when we are togther. I don't know what to make of it.

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  • The second commenter is a piece of s***, do not listen to him. I am curious what she was doing that she won't let you do? See ladies, this is why we should NEVER video tape s**, it always comes back to haunt you!

  • I'm am slowly but surely losing faith in humanity

  • ^Worst advice ever.^

    Dude if your wife didn't ask you to do that then there may have been a reason. Tell her the truth and let her know how you "feel" about it. I know being a guy makes it hard to share your feelings. Just remember she is not the same person on the tape and you are not the a****** she divorced.

  • Enjoy it. How in the world is he suppose to enjoy watching his wife get done up the a*** or what ever it is she's doing when she wont do it with him. Idiot.

    Here's what you do. What ever it is ask her to do it again. If she says no and gives you some lame brain excuse then show her the tape. Show her how much fun she was giving the man who she didn't think enough of to stay married to, but wont give to you. She's a hypocrite. And then listen to her stupid little explainations as to why she did it with him and how he was special or how she felt bad aftewards and never wanted to do it again or whatever her lame excuse is. But if she refuses to do it don't get mad. Don't scream or fuss. Be nice to her and simply find someone else who will do it. you don't have to divorce her but as your wife it's her responsibility to make sure you are sexually pleased. And it's not like you are asking her to do something she's not comfortable with. The woman allowed herself to be filmed doing the act. So if she refuses then find someone who will have your fun and come back home. Then you both will be happy.

  • Ummmm.... Maybe you should just enjoy it. You've been given an opportunity to see an intimate side of your wife's previous life that you would never have been able to see otherwise.

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