I need deliverance

I am a woman who is addicted to p***. I'm lonely and have no one. I want to get married, but its been so long, I don't know if I ever will. I just want to be free from p*** and masturbation.

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  • The p*** and masturbation is fine, even while in a relationship. When p*** and masturbation replaces the sexual relationship, then things are in trouble.

    So get a relationship not based around marriage, children, or other expectations until the relationship grows and develops into that stage.

    Just like any other single person, you have to get out. Volunteer, join an enthusiast club, become active in a sport or group recreational activity.

    Best of luck!

  • http://xxxchurch.com/ good luck, okay? :)

    I've seen a few p*** movies out of curiosity or something, I understand how they can be addictive. As it is I now have to discipline myself when it comes to those few images to try and never to use them for the rest of my life for fear that it would become an addiction of some sort. This is easy enough at this stage, but I realize the further you go the more difficult it may be with more available images to dig up in your memory, not saying you can't get strong enough, but it may take more time. I am Christian and I can understand how it could become an addiction whether Christian or non Christian. Even if you aren't Christian, I believe you can get help here, okay? And God is always ready and waiting to help and give you His full attention in the matter.

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