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I'm female, and I enjoy p*** and masturbation, but I can't seem to make myself come unless I'm watching the creampie ending of a p*** video. And lately it's gotten that even THAT'S not enough, I need to watch creampie g******* videos. I'm not on the pill and I don't have an IUD so creampies are out of the question for me but I don't know why, I just have this fantasy of 12-15 creampies oozing out of me at once, all coming out of large penises.

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  • I want my wife to have a boyfriend who will left me watch him f*** her and make her o***** so I can eat her creampie afterwards.

  • I'm female and I love them, too but then my most favorite part of s** is when my bf c*** in me. I had my tubes tied years ago just so I could have that part of s** with my then-husband. Love, love LOVE when my bf c*** in me- don't know why I love it so much, I just do!

  • This is interesting because I always thought the pop shots were for men's pleasure. Women like seeing the j***, whodathunkit?

  • And why aren't you on pill and have e.g. a 4some, getting creampie from a guy and watching the creampie of the other girl, simultaneously ?

  • To be quite honest, this sounds a like me. I don't know what it is about the 'creampie ending' that's so thrilling, but I get it. The only thing that really works (for me) is to just stop watching p*** all together for a while. It get's its luster back if you lay off it for a while. I really can get into the whole device/suspension bondage thing too. I don't know what's wrong with me. LOL!

  • If u arent getting the full affect, try banging yourself with others watching. But dont let them know that u know. I love rubbing my hard c*** while in my supertight spandex. The ladies stare and play too! I love to show my c*** in public. And that helps me o***** while they get a show

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