My highschool crush

After school I had basketball practice at around 6, I went in to see the big gym being used by volleyball girls. I went to the small gym and no one was there yet. I was wondering what was up, maybe it was cancelled or everyone was late. I went to go change. When i was heading out, I saw Calli (my crush) enter the changeroom. "Finished?" i asked her. She said that she was switching to her basketball strip. I was seated at the bleachers watching the girls basketball practice get ready, still waiting for my practice to start. They started and I already got a h****** seeing Calli's ass bent over in front of me. I decided since it was 6:30~, that I would change back to my other clothes. I went back to the P.E hallway, then i saw Calli's gym bag right there on the bench outside. Parked beside them was her shoes and her purse. Seeing no one, I took the entire lot to the bathroom stall inside the guy's changing room. I rummaged through her purse first. I checked all its contents: iphone, wallet, pencil case, makeup, tampons, pads, hair ties, gum, and some random stuff. Nothing worth. I put it aside and i decided to open this bag on the table instead since it was so big. This was more rewarding. Inside was: volleyball, kneepads, tape, bandages, and other miscellaneous sporting objects. But the clothes were jackpot. 2 yoga pants both TNA. a skin colored pantyhose worn already, 2 sport bras, a red/black camo and a black one. Also some socks, and tight shorts, her street clothes aswell. But the best was in the side pocket. Her panties and a bra! I found 4 pairs inside. A simple purple flowered cheekie panties lined with lace unworn, a balled up neon pink g string worn, a black full lacy thong worn, and a yellow gstring that was still warm! I took the entire lot. Also i kept the pantyhose and the purple bra. I locked my self back in the stall, i jerked off with her panties and her slefie on the iphone. I came hugely. I had c** on her shoes, both yoga pants, her phone, sport bras, and the most c** landed on her purse itself. I put everything back and returned it. But i wore her skimpy gstring while i watched her play.

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  • I once jerked off while sniffing the hot neighbors wife's g string that I fetched from the dirty laundry pile.

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