I fell in love with my mum to

I remember when i was 18 i fancied the pants of my mom but i never had the guts to go that far . A few things i remember are when she walked about the house she was always in skimpy little thongs and i started enjoying her more and more i used to find her still wet panties and sniff them and fall in love or when she fell asleep i went and laid down beside her and cop the odd feel i got the guts and ran my fingers over her p**** lips and slip a finger in and i would lick my fingers dry 1 night i went in her bedroom and she was sleeping on top of the covers so i walkd over and made sure she was asleep and i undun the ribbons holding her panties and bra up and got her naked i didnt no wat to do so i got my already hard c*** out and pulled her jaw down an inch to open her mouth then i rubbd my pre c** over her lips and face then i started jerking of and shot my load on her face and wat i could in her mouth i cleaned myself up leaving her coverd in it a walkd to the end of the bed and bent down and took a few licks of her pussey then i ran of . . . . Is that bad or just normal

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  • Inquiring minds need to know!

  • Well, jeez, please make up yo minds!
    is it just only disgusting? or completely disgusting?

  • that is disgusting. you need counseling.

  • That's completely disgusting. Freaking weirdo.

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