Road trip

I took my family out on a road trip, just my wife and daughter, but my daughter talked my wife into allowing her best friend to join in. I was used to seeing her around. She was over at our house pretty much everyday. Im 43, my daughter is 19 so is her friend. I have noticed my daughters friend a lot more recently. Just last week she came over to sun tan in a skimpy bikini. I jerked off while looking from the window. Anyways, we were heading to a campsite but when I reached there everyone fell asleep in the van. It was nearing midnight and I was going to start setting the tent. I opened the back and took everything out. When i reached for a duffel bag it practically fell open. It was the friend's bag. I was re putting everything back when I came across a plastic baggy of her panties. I dont know why, but i got a huge h******. I took each pair out and laid them on the car. there was 5 pairs. A blue thong with laced trim, a purple g string, a black thong that had a stained crotch, a black thong that was sheer see through, and a yellow and white striped gstring with a pretty laced edges. I pulled out my c*** and put on a pair. With the small thin fabric against my a******, and the breeze on my d***, I jerked off right beside her. I held the dirty crotched one over my head of the c***, while inhaling the scent of the other gtring. Quickly I came, shooting a load over her legs and crotch area. It quickly soaked in her yoga pants. I didnt bother setting up the tent, kept ad wore the purple gstring on the back seats. In the morning her legs had white stains all over them.

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