I had detention and rarely am I alone, but every once in while I am. I just leave as soon as the teacher leaves and return in the last 10 minutes. I usually go see what sports are happening, like basketball games. If there isnt I just walk around wasting time. This time I was watching a game when it was halftime. I picked up a extra ball and was just playing around with it. The i accidentally shot too hard and it rocketed outside to the PE hallway. I couldnt find it first but walking past the girls changeroom, I saw it right inside he doorway. I was wondering if I should get it or not, but no one else was here so I went in. First thing I notice, shower is on. No one was in the actual changing area, but to the side was the showers. Checking outside again, I tiptoes inside. This was all my b**** thinking for me. I rounded the corner to see a towel, and handbag hung up on the hooks. Then on the floor right under was a gymbag. Ontop was her dirty gym clothes, and her street clothes. One thing that caught my eye was a bright red/orange flowery thong. It was right ontop. I quietly picked it up. Praise the lords, the crotch had nice workout stains on it. I stuffed it inside my pocket. Now I was curious. I wanted to know who it belonged to. Hoping it was a hot girl that i knew. I first thought of looking through her bag but it was zipped and I didnt want to make noise. Then I pushed her clothes off the gym bag in hopes of findin anything to identify her. But instead I pulled out 2 more panties. There was a clean black thong with sheer crotch area, and a completely slutty and skimpy blue gstring, with huge white stain in the crotch. I took both. Then all of the sudden i heard someone come in. Scared, I hopped in the vacant shower stall and closed the curtains. I waited a good 5 minutes and she finally left. Now left alone with the girl next to me, I got a little hornier. I pulled my c*** out of my pants. Using the clean pair i had around the head of my c***, while licking and smelling the freshly worn pair and the old stained one. I came right in the crotch of the clean pair. Quickly I threw the thong back in the bag but i kept the dirty ones. Then the shower stopped. Holding my breath I hopped back into the shower stall. My d*** went limp quickly as I was so afraid she would see me. But no such thing happened. I peered through the curtain and saw her drying off. Instant b****. It was a girl named Marin. She was short but super cute. Small rack but a bubble butt. I jerked off behind her ass she bent over to dry her legs, instant view of her p****. I saw her put on the cummy panties. This was so sexy. I came when she was drying her b****. The whole wall covered in c**. As soon as she left. I booked it out.

Dec 17, 2014

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