So here i am 19 years old and never even had a white female show me her b******! All my friends have all banged a couple and even have texts to prove it. And they're freaking weirdos (love those guys lol) one day we shared s** stories about different girls we banged and all of them had a snow bunny story ! So i was in a rock and a hard place smh. But seriously tho! I couldn't just let them out do me ! Out of all the friends im kinda the more popular one. The more outgoing one that everyone thinks is cool. Light skinned with shoulder length light brown dreadlocks. Ive never even been told i was unattractive! Im 5'7 tho maybe im too short ? Idk. It's killing me tho ! Maybe dc's just not the place for tht to happen for me ?

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  • Stick with your own kind, monkey boy

  • Yea :( hopefully

  • Yeah :( hopefully

  • You're only 19! Lol. Give it time young man. They'll throw it to u sooner than later.

  • Hey its me.. How old are u. Are u white?

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