Weird one….

Absolutely true story. 1980, Girl 4 years older and I are friends. I was 16 at the time, pretty shy, “smaller” down there and worried about it. She was Scandinavian on exchange and was going to a local jr college. Being close friends, she had shared some stories about her sexual experiences back home - crazy one I remember was she and another girl hooked up with two greek guys in the same room at same time. Then, they traded partners! She didn’t seem slutty because she was just so matter of fact about it. I guess you’d say she was just very s** positive. Anyway I started having feelings for this girl and when I was finally ready to make my move when she said she needs to tell someone (me) in case things went bad. She had invited the jr college basketball center (from Detroit) over for s** while her “mom” was away. It totally made me jealous, h**** and humiliated all at the same time. It was all I could do not to go try to spy on them. She later told me the story about the hookup and it f****** hurt me deep. The girl I loved banged a huge (multiple meanings) black guy. F***** me up good. To this day I am impacted. I have always been incredibly turned on by cuckold stories/p*** and it still humiliates me.

Jan 28

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  • You were doomed from the start. Never be ' friends' with a female. She will never see you as a romantic partner and will never respect you. Man up, ffs.

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