Hot tenants

I am 47 and my wife and I live in a townhouse. We live in the bottom half and rent out the top. The only reason I agree with this is because I get to choose the tenants. And what better tenants than 3 hot college girls. My wife isnt that sexually active anymore, so I have to get my kick off something else. I do have a panty fetish but my wife only has boring white cotton panties. I had to fuel my fetish with the girls panties. Everyday, as much as I could, I would sneak up and indulge. I knew their schedule pretty well. Monday- Friday gone from 8am- atleast 12pm. All three gone for 2 hours every saturday. So every morning, while my wife leaves for work. I unlock the connecting door, and yell out to make sure it was empty. Then I had the entire place to myself. I usually go up naked already. The tenants are 2 brunettes, Mia and Lauren, and one hazel haired, Amanda. I love that sexy Amanda. They are all so slutty too. First stop always is up to Amanda's room. I find her buttplugs and d***** easily and j*** off with them, always c****** in clean panties. Then as the day progressed I usually have cummed in their milk, lotions, makeup, panties, toys, food.

Dec 18, 2014

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  • When I lived in an upstairs apartment, the downstairs apartment resident was a hot, blonde biker chick woman. Just steamy-hot and beautiful. I rented upstairs, ,but, since the landlord relied on me to maintain the oil burner, which was in a closet of the downstairs apartment, I had keys.

    Several times while downstairs and Kim not home, I'd go through her drawers and steal her thong undies, black, lace bras, and, barely-there bikini bottoms. Was only daring enough to leave my spew in them once, but it was so much fun doing it.

    Sadly, when she moved out, the landlord's crabby, unattractive daughter moved in, ending my days of fun. She always wanted to be home when I worked on or re-lit the burner.

  • B****** get what they deserve. Every woman deserves to be treated like the slutty s** object they truly are.

  • Ewwwww

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