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So I attended a university last year and had to take a year off due to financial reasons, and within that year I made a lot of really good friends. In fact, all of the guys I met, they were closer than my actual family is. Although now, having to be at home away from all of my friends, it feels like most of them have turned away from me and it feels like I'm disconnected from them. For example this past semester I visited them every weekend I could, and it just felt like they weren't as enthused to see me as it used to be. Like I would use to always talk and text with everyone, and now I don't really talk to them unless I actually engage the conversation. There still are some of the friends I made that I know still have my back, but for the others there's just a whole different vibe. It feels like my friends have all changed, but I know it's probably just me that has actually changed. Now that I will be returning to the university next fall, I am contemplating trying to apply to a better university as well since I will be a junior. It's just a thought, but I'm just thinking since I will be a junior I could go to a more prestigious school and receive a better degree. Also, could being this paranoid and self-conscious be a sign of depression?

Dec 18, 2014

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  • You should go to the university that is best for you and your end goals. You will meet and friend people everywhere you go. But not everyone is going to be your best friend or hold you in the same regard as you hold them. And not everyone is good at keeping in contact. Sometimes you have to make a bit more effort. Maybe because you're not at the's out of sight out of mind mentality for some. But the few friends you made true connections with will be in your life always. And you'll know this, because they are the ones that will reach out. And it yes, what you're feeling about this could be depression, paranoia and even some loneliness. Don't forget to make efforts to meet up with people where you're living now. Even take a class or two at a community college.

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