Me and the Preacher

I'm 27 and my husband is 30 (we've been married 4 weeks). We were off and on lovers throughout college and when we weren't a couple, we slept with other people. Finally, 3 years ago we got things worked out and moved across the country for work.

Last year I was at work when I received a call that my husband (lover at that time) had been in a serious accident and was in ER. I arrived just as he was being wheeled to OR with some serious orthopedic injuries. His last words to me before heading to OR were, "do not call your parents and for my sake PLEASE do not call mine. We'll deal with this alone." Four hours later I am sitting alone in the OR waiting room when in came a Volunteer Chaplain. He greeted every family there and when he got to me and realized I was alone he set down and was the remaining 3 hours.

My husband was placed in ICU for 24 hours and the Chaplain/Preacher visited again. 10 days in the hospital, 2 weeks in rehab and 5 at home and the preacher became a close friend. He married us 4 weeks ago in a private ceremony at our house with his wife and a friend/neighbor as witnesses.

We attended his church several times and we treated very special. We're spiritual not religious. My husband was raised in Southern Baptists bigotry, prejudice, discrimination and hate, so he is turned off to religion.

I knew the first time I shook the preachers hand that we had chemistry. After about 8 weeks he told me he felt something special with me. I agreed and it spring-boarded from there.

He is 38 with a 9 year old son who has his fathers good look, personality and charm. We are not in love. We have kissed but no fire. We are in a sexual relationship only. Its raw, unrestrained, mild to wild, erotic s**. It is not a relationship of passion. My husband touches me or kisses me and I get wet. The preacher kisses me and it's like kissing my hand. However, let him look at me with that sexy expression and that look of l*** in his brown eyes and I soak my panties. Let him call me and say our code word and I would walk over hot coals to get to him.

He and I can talk about things we cannot share with our spouses: he knows I let a girl eat me out a few times while I was broken up with my husband. I know he has been f***** in the ass by an uncle, and he likes m/f/m action. The instant he c*** he's eating my cream pie. His second favorite position is f****** my mouth while I massage his prostrate. Our relationship is pure and simple raw, erotic s**. We are not in love...we are f*** buddies.

Thanks for allowing me to share my erotic secret.

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  • Everyone needs a buddy.

  • Ohh my goodness,that is sure raw n erotic. has he knocked u up yet?

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