Fem on fem gone wrong

I am a mature woman married with a son. My girl friend and I are very close, she is a widow, we text and Facebook chat during the day, go shopping and hang out. We have been close friends for over 20 years. We also had a couple of bisexual playful encounters at a hotel while she was married. She was very sexual and cheated on her husband when he was alive. She is now a little overweight. Recently we agreed to play around again, this time she wanted to try erotic play wrestling. I got to the hotel early paid for short hours and placed candles everywhere, kinda sexy to set the mood. She arrived wearing shorts & a tshirt. I was already in my panties and bra, she kissed me and took her shoes off. She walked over to me and instead of acting romantically like she used to she grabbed my head and threw me to the bed, sitting on me. My only problem is she never got off me. She had me pinned down with my wrists to the bed, I never had a chance. She kept asking me to give, I never give, so she never moved. This was getting weird after 5 minutes or so. She had to ask me another 10 times, finally I stopped answering her. This was not erotic at all. I was sweating, sore from trying to get her off me and having trouble breathing. Finally she just got off me and went to the restroom. It was the most bizarre thing we ever did together. She came out and said lets go this was a stupid idea. I thought this was going to be a real turn on and it was quite the opposite.

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  • Wrestling with another female is so fun. When I was in college after drinking we would go back to our rooms and play wrestle. Their was always that special feeling sitting on top of your friend and pinning her down. I was dripping wet everytime.

  • There is a difference between hardcore wrestling and erotic wrestling. This doesn't sound like fun at all for you. You should have said something when you started feeling uncomfortable. True Dommes listen to their subs when they are not comfortable. Yes she wanted to dominate you. Doesn't sound like a good experience at all. Talk to her about this asap if you want to remain friends.

  • Sounded like she just wanted to dominate you. You should have submitted to her. You both agreed on the wrestling part but you wanted it to be erotic.

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