My ex

I think am a lesibian. on several nights over that last five years, i keep getting erotic dreams about my bestfriend yet not even once have i had a dream about s** with my boyfriend

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  • My attitude is like to the royals "the more that the world ignores them, they will go away and have less platforms to push their abuse on the general public who are tired of hearing about them when they are so mean and abusive. they harm everyone who is a fan anyway." ignore them and you give the power back to the people! and that has to be the bottom line for us commoners to survive! its all about the Windsors (fake name, THE MERRY WIFE'S OF WINDSOR CAN GO EAT C***!) survival well, times are tough, its all about the COMMONERS SURVIVAL NOW!

  • Here's a plan - lie back, grab your ankles, pull your knees to your shoulders then lick your own f**** if you are fit enough - if you like it then you are a lesibian. What a stupid post.

  • F*** her till she crys

  • Having erotic dreams about friends or the same s**, doesn't make you a lesbian. You could be bisexual or bi-curious. Are you attracted to this friend of yours or even other women in your daily life?

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