Black episode

I am a white woman 42 who is married to a great guy and he has larger than average P**** and because of his large demeanor our conversations dirty talk has resulted in me loving a very big p**** so that lead Us to using large d***** with one of my favorites being a black real life Doc Johnson he bought us on the Internet, i can't get enough of that d**** when I'm on my Hands and knees.
so I recently changed jobs Same industry because of a very embarrassing thing i am ashamed of but want to m********* every time i think about it. What is it you ask..try caught on company security camera s******* a old black guy security man (huge d*** though) and worse yet, later that day, same place in building, sucking a different black mans d*** who i told of my encounter..Human resources made me watch video then fired me..husband believes i just wanted a change.. i am a crappy wife i know. i do feel a little better thank you for reading

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  • As long as you and your husband are both happy then dont worry about it. Ask him what he would like to try

  • If i were your husband i would find that hot, though i want my girlfriend to Cuckold me.

  • She will do it again, she like now nasty it makes her feel to want a big black d*** and give in even though she knows she shouldn't. She likes being weak.

  • I can understand the interest in trying out a real black c***. Do you think you will do it again? Or is your curiosity sated?

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