I remember the girls in school being jealous of me because I was prettier than them. They couldn't stand boys paying more attention to me than them. They kept bad mouthing me and harassing me all the time. One day they lured me to the back of the school building and told "you're never going to forget this" They ripped my blouse open, yanked up my bra, unzipped my skirt and pulled everything down in front of boys. "Go ahead" they told boys as they held t*** up for boys to touch them. Got my t*** grabbed, fingers slid into my p**** and couldn't do a thing about it. I didn't do anything but stand there letting them have fun and scared of being left out there naked. I guess I was lucky no one else saw it and never reported it for fear having worst things done to me. They took pictures and threatened to show them around school, so I kept my mouth shout and swallowed my shame every day I went to school. They did it to destroy my reputation with boys that are probably jerking themselves over my nude pictures. I feel boys are always looking at me and undressing me with their eyes and probably thinking I'm a s*** and an easy f***.

Dec 18, 2014

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  • I got picked up hitchhiking when I was 14 by three college girls, ended up with them forcing my pants off and playing with me.
    I was so embarrassed because I got hard and didn't want them to see that. The one woman actually made me c** and they all laughed and made fun of my "tiny" likke thing.
    I was in my late 30's before I finally spoke of this therapist, an old lady who looked Motherly and was kind.
    After a few months she mostly got me past it, solved my impotency problems that broke up my one and only marriage.
    It's a terrible thing to be helpless and forced.

  • You are not easy. You are human. They have no rights to do such a thing to you. You need to tell someone and make sure they are punished for what they did. You don't want to look back years later wishing you had did something. That is sexual harassment and assault being done to you. You are not alone. Don't be afraid. Have faith and fight back. You are better than this.

  • You should talk to the school director or something like that. These girls have the proof that it happend and you could easily do something about it. Or you can also ask your parents to go to another school or you could explain to them what happened. (But I think that they will freak out)

    And medias will try to get this story and make it public. But you just have to ask people around you to keep this private. And of course, your parents will freak out. But, you can't let this thing happen. And you should talk about this, because theses girls are just a gang of jealous b****** that can't accept when someone is more popular than them and they are f****** stupid. Sorry, I had to say it

  • Please dont let it eat you. Dont dwell on it. Move on and find love otherwise you will get old lonely & crabby.

  • Not your shame. You were violated. I believe you, and you are not alone.

  • She's not alone because a similar thing happen to me when in high school. Still don't know what these girls had against me. One day they ganged up on me after school, slapped the s*** out of me, lifted my skirt and tore my panties off in front of boys. I remember boys telling them to take my clothes off, holding on to my blouse while boys snapped picture of my p****. Got beat up, humiliated, didn't say anything because I knew the school wouldn't have done anything about it. Didn't tell my parents either and spent two embarrassing years in that school. Just pretended it never happed.

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