A few months ago, I finally got a girlfriend and my entire life seemed to get better: I got more friends, better grades, etc. But now I'm battling depression, fighting for my gf's attention, and letting my grades slip. I've already attempted suicide twice, but even though she's ignoring me, I can't do that to her, to any of them.

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  • I have the same problem, my boyfriend is ignoring me. But, only in public places. He's shy and he is only my "boyfriend" in private. He doesn't want to hug me, hold my hand or TALK TO ME when there are other persons. It's seriously annoying. But, I was able to lived on my own before I had a boyfriend and I continue to do that.

  • Glad you are still here. Now go and get the help you need to deal with your depression and whatever else is going on. Suicide is never the answer. Fighting for your gf's attention? So now what's going on here? You have to be cool and confident in your relationship. She's with you, because she likes you. But no one wants to be smothered or feel that their gf or bf is extra needy. That's not fun or healthy. Attempting suicide twice because she's ignoring you? That's pretty scary. Look, you're going to have many relationships and you just have find balance in your life. But most importantly, you have to be happy on your own and love yourself. And yes, sometimes that's hard to do. But even on your crummiest days you have to know it's always going to get better. It sounds like when you're surrounded by people and doing well you're a little happier. Your doctor may be able to prescribe an antidepressant. Exercise and a healthy diet help too.

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