I'm happy!

There may be people that are unhappy about it but I don't care! My life is getting better and better all the time! It just is and I enjoy it! Does anyone really think just because I've decided to feel better about life that they'll have to pick up more than their fair share of misery? lol Get off it! You bet I'm happy! You bet it's going well! So? lol

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  • Yellow mr happy is not a nice person. he is ken a evil rapist stalker. other victims will come forward. it has to happen. it has to. it has to. it has to.

  • Yeh that is because you are evil and it will come back to you. most people are not half as beautiful as they think they are. I don't have to wait around for a loser either.

  • Lucky b****. I just wanna die. I want it to be over. I wanna end this s***.

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