I'm 14..

I am 14 but I really want to have s** with someone. It just sounds so good and dirty and damn I just wanna do it. Is this bad?

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  • Dress sluttish and offer it to guys ul find someone but make sure u f*** standing up that way u wont get pregnant and u wont need condom

  • I'm sorry but in this day and age s** is normal at a young age. Just because you wait to be with someone doesn't mean they are going to respect or love you. Just make sure it's safe s**.

  • Good educated comment, I agree with you!! and I couldn't of said it any better.

  • Go for it , try an older guy ,they are more experienced and will make u feel the pleasure . i was 13 and it was great

  • For reals older guys are better then a boy, they're more caring and gentle and want to please you, I was 10 when I had my first man he was 30.

  • For real?

  • You should be able to have s** as young as you want

  • True, true! s** is the most beautiful, healthy and natural act that a male and female can share between each other, no matter what the age. But most people make it out to be a dirty, perverted act.

  • You really are a silly little girl

  • At 14 you don't know what you want! Just wait a few more years until you find someone that might want to be with you rather than just f-@k you. Just wait.

  • A 14 year old knows what they want, but you sure don't know what you're talking about... He or she wants to experience the pleasure of s** not to get into a relationship.

  • Go for it!

  • No, don't worry it completely normally. Your hormones are all over the place and you just want to experience new thing. Just don't act on this feeling.

  • This is the best comment here. The rest of you, shame on you for trying to get this girl/guy to have s**.

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