11 & Desperate

Ok. Im 11 and im desperate for some b****. Almost every girl at our school has huge ones! It makes me so h****. But IDK and i wanna have s** so bad but i dont wanna go to h***! andthe web aint do me any good.... but like ive read this is normal.. but im sooo desperate.. not trying to be a perv but help!

May 13, 2012

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  • You can always experiment with your friends

  • Don't be like me I am 12 and I had s** about a week ago and I regret it already.

  • just go and rape a babe...always works

  • Try putting sum cotton b**** in ur bra! :D

  • It's totally normal to feel like that at your age. You will not go to h*** if you have s**. Don't let old age myths fill your head. S** is beautiful and amazing! BUT, you are 11. You have years before you need to be worrying about having s**. If you do it too you it's not going to be worth it. You will regret it later in life. Fantasize, watch p***, m*********! If you get a girlfriend there is nothing wrong with kissing and making out but keep it above the waist for a few more years! Once you're older and more experience you'll enjoy it so much more and remember your first time better. It's great if you love the person you sleep with too but that isn't always the case. And when you're older if you decide s** is all you want then you can make that decision. But don't try and make it yet. Enjoy being young while you can.

  • You dont understand how much this helped. Thanks so much.

  • That helped me too! (BTW, im the kid that posted the "Shoot" confession)

  • Im a guy not a girl.

  • I want s** too :))

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