Wanting my sister in law

Not so strange. Many men have wanted to pleasure their sister in law. Some of them have actually had the beautiful experience of tasting that forbidden fruit. I haven't.

But I have gone to certain lengths and risks in order to satisfy the craving for passion and titillation. My SIL has the nicest, roundest, plumpest a** ever. I started just admiring from afar. Her small, perky t*ts. The outline of her panties (she always wears thongs). Then...lucky day number 1.

She's about 22, living at home. I am visiting her sister (we're not yet married) but she's not home yet. The dog's favorite toy was tossed onto the roof by accident and I have set up the ladder at her request. She goes up to get it, still wearing her pajama pants and loose t-shirt. As she climbs her shirt flares out from the bottom and I am standing there holding the ladder (for safety,wink) looking up at the nicest set of young, perky, brown t*ts ever. Sweet dark brown circles the size of quarters hard from the breeze. Blood racing from what I saw on her way up. A st*ffy growing as I stared on her way down.

To this day I can hardly keep my eyes off her when she's wearing her sleep wear, which is always pajama pants (no panties. more on this later) and a loose t-shirt (no bra). Just thinking about her makes me hard.

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  • My sister in law has nice big b******, and I would love to suck on them. The closest that I've gotten was having her sitting on my lap.

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