Panty pleasure

I like to pleasure myself wearing panties. Wife bought me some see-through sexy underwear at an adult gift shop. She loved them so much that I wanted to get more. They were alot like ladies panties so I decided to try the panties. The wife loves to see me pleasure myself when I wear them. At first I only wore them when we had s**, but they feel so good that I wear them all the time now. Since I started wearing panties the wife asked me to shave my chest and pubes. Fresh shaved pubes plus panties equals instant erection! It feels so good to have her caress my c*** through the sllly panties. She loves to get me hard that way, then has me rub my c*** through my panties while she plays with my b****. We usually start s** this way, but lately she has me pleasure myself to completion wearing panties over half the time.

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  • Try bringing her hottest heels into your sexy play too. I love masturbating with my wifes heels and c****** into them. Sooo hot.

  • Sounds like you are a very lucky man. I love to wear sheer panties and hold up stockings for s** with my wife. Sometimes she spanks me in them, rubs my ass and jacks me off at the same time.