Hello to all who bother to read this

Hello to all who bother to read this, and I shall say thankyou in advance for your help.

Few small problems, but anyway...

Problem 1. There is a girl (always starts with girls( that's in my science class that I cannot stop thinking about. We first met 4 years ago, in the school band, and then I got to know her a bit more this year on music camp. So one day after Tafe I go down and have coffee at some place at the local shops. She happened to be working there, and it became a regular thing. To this day I still go down there, and I want to tell her how much I care about her, but have no idea how... I smoke, she doesn't... I kinda get the feeling she hates smokers, and have been trying to give it up for her... pretty close to that too, but on to the next one.

Problem 2. I have every other girl that I know wanting to go out with me, two in particular are suicidal, and I really don't know how to say no without hurting them... And that's pretty much it for that one...

Problem 3. I have no job, and I have been trying for close to 6 months to get one...

Thanks again guys, and I really hope that you can help me out here.

- Dozer

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  • Cheer up emo boy! :-P

  • haha itz not like it was outta our way lol it was funny tho :) we should go for a long drive soon... im soo living out for these holz. haha whats with the odd ppls that posted above us ^^ haha
    and yeha ill talk to u probz like very soon XD

  • yeah it is Jordan, hey Claire... Still reckon your bro was p*****, but the girl is the one I was telling you about in music.

  • there is nothing amazing with your name,its irritating so do them a favour and stop signing.

    Diva 23

  • you geting tired??who asked for your opinion?

  • I am getting tired of the person who signs their posts "Diva 23". I think we should all just start doing it so they will cut that s*** out.
    Diva 23

  • ^ wtf? stfu & gtfo lol

  • jordan? it's claire :) hi (i think it's you... :S) hmmm lol XD

  • Ok, I have a couple thoughts for you (I'm a girl by the way):

    1. I agree with Diva on this, ask her out and see where it goes. It sounds like the ice is already broken between you two since you spent some time together. See if you two have any future before you decide to give up smoking for her. (At any rate, that should be something you choose to do for yourself, not for another person.)

    2. There are ways to let a person down kindly, without making them feel bad about themselves. Unfortunately you said a couple are suicidal, and being already unstable they may misconstrue what you tell them. Just make it clear that you aren't rejecting them as people, merely that you aren't interested romantically. Any problem they have with that is completely on them (I don't mean to sound callous), and that's not something you can or should solve. You can be a listening ear if they need it, but you aren't responsible for their problems.

    3. The job market is very poor right now, and just how bad depends on where you are. Someone told me to treat looking for a job like it was my job... it's a smart thing to do. My personal advice is to try places you wouldn't normally think of, try to make the most of every opportunity, that includes temp services. Good luck. :)

  • Well with problem # 1 you should drop hints or you should probaly buy her something really nice that she likes and just act like its nothing to you or just keep talkin to her. Umm...you could really use a job because who likes to be with a broke person. I hope things really work out for you :)
    Diva 23

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