I have this thing I likie to do.

I'm a girl and I like p***. I also like the odd glass of chardonney whilst watching p***. That of course leads to masturbating and nipple rubbing. Nothing unusual so far. But I have this overwhelming desire to email someone or txt someone to tell them what I'm doing right now and how it feels. I did it once to the husband of one of my girlfriends. I sent the txt "Ever get so h**** that whilst masturbating you wanna tell someone?". He came right over and screwed me silly. I've never done it since. Giggles. But I don't know. It's a thrill to txt someone and say "Hi. I'm frigging myself...., right..., now". Has anyone else ever done this?

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  • I'm 18 female and I have called my neighbor and before long he knew just who he was talking to and it took less that two minutes he was over hard c*** in hand and he gave me the f****** of my life. He's 37 married and to this day his wife never has found out but I still call him when I get myself all wet thinking of wild s** with him

  • Jamesrydell@hotmail.co.uk that would be an interesting email to read


  • Hi dear I really like to see p*** and the same time I like to chat if you want send me an email I will be more than happy. Love to be loved.

  • Kim me rockhard010 tell me everything ;)

  • I have never done it by text but i have done it by email. i think its hot to hear a women tell me how she is touching herself and getting herself off while i tell her about how i am jerking off and when i c**

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