Why no matter what i do i can't get a

Why no matter what i do i can't get a girlfriend I'm turning 21 soon and never had one and i get sick when i think about everyday when i'm alone

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  • hello?, I need more help like what is a good way to start to talk to someone your barely know

  • Don't worry about it. You're still young. There are plenty of people that don't really start dating until mid to late twenties, or even later. There's nothing wrong with you.

    If you want to increase your chances of getting a date, the most important thing to work on is confidence. Without it, it's next to impossible to not find yourself alone.

  • I'm not that ugly and when i get my hair cut hot girls seem to think i'm cute or ok looking

  • They say ugly guys are more desirable than hot ones since it limits any competition. Just be confident not too much but don't tell a woman your still a virgin. Learn how to make love with a plastic doll and ask a girl out one that seems shy and not so pretty.

  • Online dating first of all is no more dangerous than going to a bar or club or even joining a religous group. People can lie to you in person just like on the net. You can meet a crazy person face to face as well as on the internet. Plus the internet can be just one outlet. Use all of the suggested outlets. Besides your heart is in the wrong place. Forget women. Chase money, women come free with money. No matter what you look like when you are green you're gorgeous

  • There are plenty of places to go other than bars or clubs. Hobby groups, religious groups, sports clubs (like bike riding or rollerblading), hiking, car clubs. Volunteer someplace; women really go for a guy who shows he cares about a cause.

    I would stay away from online dating or match-up sites. Get out into the world and meet real people in real situations.

  • I'm very ugly but i miss hints from girls sometimes and do know they like me till its to late and i also think if the girl is pretty and dropping hints or show interest i think that I missed understood the sitution because i think that i can never have a hot girl then it turns out they liked me

  • You could just be too ugly. It happens.

  • It's not the non drinking and non smoking that's holding you back. You just haven't expanded your horizon. There are plenty of other places to meet people besides the club. For starters try online dating.

  • I don't really go out to much i have no place to go i don't like the music the clubs play and i don't drink or do drugs so there is no where for me to go to meet people

  • It'll happen. Make sure you create enough opportunities. Socialize outside of work or school, don't act desperate.

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