My name is Sean i'm 22 and I am so very

My name is Sean i'm 22 and I am so very sexualy attracted to my older sister Dina who is 29 I dont know how to tell her is I could just lick her feet and suck on her toes and m********* while i'm doing it I might be fine, but its not that easy I wanna really taste her feet and toes what I need from her is to slip her feet in atheletic shoes with out socks and go work out at the gym all day and slip out of her shoes and let me lick all the salty sweat off

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Think of the children!!!!!!!!
    Inbreds are retards not sphycics!!!!

  • comment #9
    its not that funny..

  • if you bang your sister let me know how.

  • L**** at comment #5!!!!!!

  • foot fetishes are extremely normal, butheads^^

  • This is disturbing, even if it wasn't your sister.

  • You sucking on her toes while masturbating may not be too nonchalant. She may not know that you're attracted to her. Be less subtle.

  • Your so full of s***, but you made me laugh.

  • your alot like my dog

  • ewww foot fetish lol

  • hug her when you have an erection and see what she does because me sister lets me hug her like that

  • Ok this is sick on many different levels. You need help my friend.

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