All about feet

I am a 30 year old male.
I have a serious foot fetish. I always look at ladies feet when they are in open toed shoes. I even wonder what their feet look like even if they are in boots or high heels . I think you can tell alot about a lady by looking at her feet, regarding cleanliness and other details about her and her v:::::. I would never go down on a lady who's toes I wouldn't suck. I enjoy playing with feet and worshiping them.
I'm wondering what female thoughts are on gettin their feet worshiped



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  • There's nothing really wrong if a man finds feet sexy. It's a fetish more common nowadays and mainstream. I think we women are to blame for this because of what we do with our feet. We spend so much for shoes, hoisery, pedicures... some of us even spend on tattoos, toe rings and anklets. Anything that enhances the beauty of our feet. Besides, people will look at someone from head to toe right?

  • I'm a female and I absolutely LOVE when guys like feet! I would totally let a guy worship my feet all he wants! Lol

  • Very good :D

  • Have you ever had them worshiped and know what that includes

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