Sallies talks over me and thinks she is cool

She shows off in her car driving a lot, and she keep talking the same conversation picking at me cuz of my medications and sometimes I just wish she was hit down like I have been. If she had a few young aggressive strong women kick and hit her spine and be fist planted a few times when no one was watching and know how it feels to be told "if you say anything we all make out your crazy and a liar and you hit her first so don't even try to hit her back" she would know how to look down more, cuz she is not cool at all. she has a child she neglects and there is nothing cool about that at all. my medications is between me and my doctors and not her. hit you for that one alone, let alone your b*******. I feel like ringing vye to find out what the disgrunt is about. cuz I don't trust you sallies. you have no right speaking so insulting to me. I think I should talk to the important chic.

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