Hot teacher

I have a really hot teacher and hes 25 (im 18) and i cant help but stare at him and he has a nice butt like im talking baseball player butt and from time to time he'll tease me in class he makes me laugh a lot and i just really wish i was in my 20's :(

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  • Be proud alot of stupid teens on tv claim to date their teachers and end up screwin themselves, me personally i had a thing for my teacher i was 19 when i asked out my 25 year old female teacher, she gave me that 'its immoral' speech and i dont know what i want yet, but after a couple of weeks went buy we dated and kept it a secret in school and she would tease the h*** outta me :), skip to today im currently 27 and shes 31 and we're happily married and yeah parents have a REALLY hard time understanding.

  • The math doesn't add up.Your were 19 and she was 25,when you first met her.Now you're 27 and she's 31! This story is fake!
    Get a life,man!

  • You are 18 and female. You are of age. You have all the power. If you want him you can have him anyway you want. Work it girl work it!

  • ^ Absolutely so ^. This is the best advice.

  • I would do him anyway

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