My cousin and I spooned for a night.

My cousin and I have always been really close. My mom used to take care of her all the time as kids and vice versa. As a kid she was a short, skinny, pale zombie who was really funny but was kinda ugly. But then puberty hit and she became a hot grown woman. She's not chubby or skinny, she's the perfect in-between with her most prominent feature being her big butt. This year my family went to Florida and we invited my cousin to come along and she enthusiastically said yes. She spent most of the time at the beach with my sisters or exploring Miami and its attractions. During the last two days of the trip me and her spent a good amount of time at clubs and bars though. We drank on the borderline of buzzed and drunk and returned to the house we were renting pretty late at around 1 in the morning. I collapsed on the couch as soon as I came in and closed my eyes and a few minutes later she mumbled "move over" and did played down as well. This couch was big but definitely not for the two us. For the rest of the night her she rubbed her butt up against my p**** to adjust herself as she slept and I started slowly and gently humping her until I came in my underwear. I woke up at around 8am with a raging b**** pressed against her left butt cheek. I enjoyed it for a minute and I got up slowly as to not wake her up and went back to sleep in my room. She woke up at around 10 and said she remembers falling asleep on the couch with me but thats it. I think I now have feelings for my cousin and I j*** off to her almost every day.

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  • Try to approach her

  • She remembers more than that, though she doesn't want to admit it.

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