Considering offer to sister in law, cash for her s**

I have a deep dark sexual attraction for my x wife's brothers X wife. I know she had sexual feelings for me years ago but being we both were married at the time we didn't react on it. Now we're all divorced and she's financially broke. Would I insult her if I offered her $1000. cash for her s**? I don't want to keep her in a relationship with me, I'm only after her s** even if it's a one time thing.I really want to experience her sexually.

Jan 19, 2015

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  • After having s** with over 100 women over the years,i believe in free s**,even with no strings attached. just try n save most if, not all your money.u dont have to spend money to have a no s** relationship with a woman.

  • Women are so so complicated. Take the previous posters advive. I'm a guy. I would like it to be as simple as money for s** no strings but women are so so much more complicated. :)

  • From my female perspective, I would take you up on your proposal BUT it would have to be dressed more delicately.

    There's two ways of looking at this. You could dive straight into your delivery and run the risk of it going horribly wrong or you can find a more delicate way of getting what you want for sure. Offer to help her out and see where that she may repay your 'kindness' with s**. This way, you're not buying her s** or making her question her moral fibre. If you know her well, you'll know what angle to use.

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