In love with sombody that doesnt care

For 6 years I have embarked on an affair with a guy....I have told him time and time again how I feel but he ignores it and turns the conversation sexual....I don't want to loose him so I go along with his sexual demands to keep him close.

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  • He isn't into you, he f**** other women on the regular. You're being a pathetic loser

  • Its sad that even though we actually realize that we are getting used we still refuse to accept the truth and hold on to our belief... Moving on is so difficult.... our mind just refuses to accept the hard truth and clings on to the fantasy and gets hurt in the process....
    i hv been in this state for the past 8 months... n i m always depressed.. n in a bad mood n distracted at work. 8 months has turned me from a happy fun cheerful guy to a sulky pathetic whiner. Its the false hope i keep clinging to thats the problem. God! I need help!

  • spoken just like a female ape

  • You know the saying..why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free? As long as you give him what he wants, there is no reason for him to commit. Do yourself a favor, cut off all contact and walk away from this toxic arrangement. You will waste 6 more years with this guy and it will never go anywhere.. Go find a good therapist, work on your self esteem and learn to love yourself and know that you deserve a man who WANTS to be in a relationship with you. This guy is not, and will never be that guy.

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