What happened to foreplay?

I am trying to be a sexually active partner with my spouse but want him to initiate at times. Lately that means a roll over to spoon me with a pelvic thrust and I am supposed to be ready to go. How do you explain to some one that you need more and that is not initiating but annoying?

Oct 4, 2012

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  • Try getting c*** elsewhere... I do, my lazy slob of a husband thinks 'foreplay' is on Xbox live. I get regular f******* from websites and he doesn't know a thing. Last week I nearly got found out as I came back late and forgot my knickers. oopps. Yes I know this is wrong but a woman needs c*** and if its not being served...

  • Howdy sweetie. I would just be straight up honest (I learned it from the Germans) and would tell him what you want. I'm sure he'll be understanding to your needs if he really loves you. My wife and I do the same for each other and it works out sweet. Good luck and I would be interested to see another post of yours here to see if that works, if that's what you decide to do :). Your friend, SRE.

  • Maybe you should start by giving him some hand and mouth foreplay, that might wake him up.

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