I'm 17, will be 18 in 4 months.
I like a guy who's 29...
We met at night school, and I had an instant magnetic pull towards this guy even before I knew his name. He's very nice and I want to get to know him more, or even just be friends or something.
The thing is, I come off so strong. I am an extrovert and I think he's more of an introvert. Sometimes my energy is a lot to handle, and I want to be able to tone it town a bit in front of him that I am not overbearing.
I want this to work so badly. I don't get feelings like this for people anymore after a bad event happened in my life a few years back.
One day in class, he gave me a DVD to watch (a prior class we discussed movies). I absolutely loved the movie, which means he definitely listened to me when I was telling him what I liked.
I just don't have any idea how to approach this. I also know the age gap would be way too much of an issue for most people, but I honestly don't care about it at all. I think he might be interested in me but if so, he hasn't shown it very much.
I know I'd have to make the first move but I don't know how to. :(

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  • When I divorced my ex wife I spent some time at a friends house. His GF tried to hook me up with her friends, and I dated some of her friends. I was not ready for a serious relationship then. I had s** with all but one of the girls I dated, but each wanted to get serious quickly. One ask me to marry her and she would give me access to everything she had; she was very wealthy. She told me she had fallen in love with me.

    I passed and one night my friend told me he worried about his little sister. She would get hooked up with the wrong boys. She had told his GF about having s** with two boys from school. His sister was 18 and I was 28.

    I found this age span a bit troubling and thought people would think I was a pervert, especially the rest of the family. But with some pressure from him, his Gf and finally her own mother, I took her out. She was young very pretty with blond hair, huge breast and nice ass. There were no take her out but no s**, it was take her out, she is an adult now by age.

    I dated her and had a good time. When I picked her up at her house, I met her mom and her step dad. As we dated I met her real father. each approved of me and told me to my face. Then she graduated and ask if she could move in with me for a while. I said that was ok, I did enjoy her company, the s** was very nice.

    Year later we got married and we had our first child 9 months after the wedding day. Then another the next year.

    We have been married for 19 years and together for 25 years. You will need to let him know its ok, your family will have to ok this or he will be scared of this.

  • Rub your t*** on him and grab his c***. That ought to do it. If he's not into that then it means he's gay and not an introvert.

  • Let him catch you looking at him and turn away.
    Slowly become more overt that you are flirting with him.
    Ask him out

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