What I did the last two days

So my girl and I are in high school. We're graduating in two months. We've never really gone far from kissing, and me occassionally fondling her t***. (sorry for the profanity)
Like, one day, we were kissing after class and since I felt like I wanted to please her I kissed and licked her neck and ears. She was moaning and gasping for air but nobody was around to hear so, so I continued doing this.
Suddenly she grabs my crotch and starts groping and carressing my d***. I was surprised, I never expected she'd do that (she did, however, laid her hand down there once but never really did anything that time). I put her hands behind her back and held them with one of my hands so she can't do anything and she fights back and then grabs my crotch and does the same thing all over again. I got carried away and felt her crotch and then we broke free from kissing. We told each other never to do that again or else we might do something we shouldn't.
Then the week later (this week), when I'd sit next to her and I'd get busy doing my thing and s***, she'd slip her hands unnoticed into my crotch area and start stimulating my d***. She'd put a bag on my legs and she would put some folders on my desk so the whole thing won't be seen. She does this whenever I sit next to her.
Thursday, and I was bored, I was sitting behind her, so I started caressing her sides and her arms. She passed me a note saying how she finds it fascinating, then gives me a smile. I keep doing this, after a while I play with her t*** with one of my hands. We were in the back of the room and everyone was busy. I decided to go down on her crotch area with my hand and fondle her v***** and she doesn't do anything about it. She wriggles and like moves around and moans and occassionaly bites her hand and s***. Imagine me doing that with one hand, trying not to get caught while I was discussing to my seatmates, my groupmates, how we would divide a national budget if it were up to us.
Then Maths class came and we were seated next to each other. I did the same thing for the whole period. But then I stopped because I felt like the teacher might actually see us (wtf man yeah ikr after doing the stunt for an hour and a half you think of this?). Then she reaches in for my pants, unzips me, puts her hands inside my shorts and jacks me off. Now it felt good and holy h*** was it intense.
Next day, I fingered her again and she was moaning and moving around in her seat and spreading her legs and whatnot.
I don't know what to do now because I think I'm losing control, and suddenly I don't feel as happy as I did with just hugging her and kissing her. I feel like I want to bone her and s***.
I think this is ruining us. I really love her, I don't want to lose her. I want to marry her someday.
I feel like I might do something stupid and I don't know how to take these sexual urges away from me.

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  • Man. It's wierd to think like a kid. I regret so many opportunities I had to fu ck so many girls in highschool. Op don't be a pissy pu ssy. She wants to fu ck. if you don't do it someone else will enjoy that young fresh p****.

  • Take my advice.. you probably won't marry.. F*** her good and enjoy it now. If you don't someone else will be. Then the both of you need to go enjoy college and a few other people. Meant to be you'll get back together at some point.. don't experiment and one of you will walk in on the other someday b**** deep and enjoying it too much!

  • She needs to return the favor or just have s** already

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