Found p*** on boyfriend's computer . . .

I was using my boyfriend's computer the other day, since mine was getting repaired. I was writing a report for work.

He had an external hard drive hooked up to it and, out of curiosity, I clicked onto it. I discovered that my boyfriend has a collection of about 400 gigs of p***.

I was a little upset, to say the least. Our s** life is good (about 3 times a week), so I'm not sure why he needs all of that stuff. What was even weirder was seeing what he was into: groups/orgies, internal shots, and 80s stuff (you know, the chicks with the makeup and big hair). He has never expressed an interest in any of that to me.

My question is: do I bring it up that I found his stash? I feel guilty about snooping on his computer, but he has been hiding this from me. I now feel like he is possibly more into the p*** girls than me.

I know guys need to rub one out on occasion, but really, does anyone need 400 gigs of p***? Anyone else have this problem?

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  • Women are into soap operas, trashy romance novels, 50 shades etc. it may not be as visual but it is the same thing. It does no mean he does not love you or desire you.

  • If you do confront him make sure you do it like you wanna be involved with it. like you feel that you guys should do as a couple.
    I have a girlfriend and i watch lots of pornographic suff and a lot off taboo s*** but I am 100% sure I that I do not wanna go F*** my mom or dad or any other girl part from my girlfriend.

    So you don't have to worry about p*** if he's going to cheat its not because of p***...

  • My GF before and now wife have always watched p***. Its not a bad things, and he is not looking for other girls, if so he would not have you around. Its just his mind looking at other things for knowledge to be better in bed.
    watch the p*** with him and grow up. its just videos.

  • Don't even bother. All guys, ALL guys (except those who can't get access to it) watch p***. Even if we have the girlfriend/wife of our dreams. We're just like that, that doesn't mean he doesn't want you or that he wants you to be like any of those girls, most of the time it's just weird taste in p***. Most of us have a very defined line between p*** and actual s** with girls, and most of us wouldn't even try to get some of those girls. I like watching girls with operated big b**** having s** but I'd never even date one.
    So, in short: You and your boyfriend are fine, actually it would be odd if he didn't watch p***. Trust me, even if you hadn't found all that p***, he would watch it online without downloading it.

  • By the way. He most likely doesn't "need" all that p***. Storing it is kind of like "saving it" so he doesn't need to look for it later. And eventually we end up downloading GB of p*** without noticing it.

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