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My wife and myself work late some nights, I myself work at home while my wife works late as a secretary so last year we sat down and interviewed a few people wanting a job as our maid and naturally she wouldnt hire any attractive girls for the job, so we both agreed on hiring a puertorican girl i told my wife i didnt find her attractive but I noticed her Big b****** and her Fat ass which i liked, so after a year with her as our maid i was swamped with work so i talked to our maid and really got to know each other my wife isnt around much and shes always tired so we Barely have s**, so anyway we got to know each other and i slowly enticed her into s** she was hesitant at first but i assured her everything was fine since then we've been having s** every day while my wife is away. -anonymous

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  • My ex and I owned a cleaning service at the beach. Had problems finding good summer help. I found Russian girls were the answer. So I got ten girls and got them a house to live in for the summer. Gave my ex (we were separated at the time) five girls and I took the other five.
    Each of the five girls and I had s**. One of the girls was so good in bed I kept her at my condo for the summer. I took her out at night and to the beach in the afternoons.
    My ex got p***** and told me to take all of the girls. So i tried the other five. found one i liked better than all of them. I moved her in and the other one out.
    I bought my ex wife out of the Co and let one of them stay here. She now runs the other girls for me.
    If I want to try one of the new girls, she tells me you want to f*** russian girl, you f*** me.

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