Our neighbors

I was washing the breakfast dishes when the doorbell rang.I sort of panicked and looked at my wife not moving . She told me it was Jim and Connie from next door,that she had invited them over. I was still standing there and Sarah got mad and yelled at me and told me to answer the door ,telling me that she was going to paddle my ass till I couldnt sit after while so I hurried and opened the front door and welcomed them in . Connie told me I looked so cute in my maids outfit and asked her husband what he thought . Jim said he agreed and asked me what kind of material my uniform was made of . I was so suprised at how nice he was being ,,I told him it was a PVC french maids outfit and I thanked them both for their compliment .I led them to the front room where my wife was and asked if I could get them something to drink .After bringing their drinks my wife told me to get started doing the house work .When I answered Yes Mistress Jim commented on how well trained I was .I was doing the laundry when My wife called for me. She told me that she and Connie decided to go to the spa .She smiled and told me that the house work could wait ,,She told me that Jim was impressed with how good a sissy maid that I am and asked if she would consider letting me be their sissy maid some time and that Jim offered to pay her for my services so she couldnt refuse ,that would be wrong. She said since her and Carol were going to be gone all day it would be the perfect time to be their maid. She said Jim would show me what he expected done adding with a smile that I was to obey Jim in every way that she had given me to him for the day . She warned me to be a good girl because it would be Jim that would be punishing me if I couldnt be totally obediant. The four of us went outside ,Jim and I headed towards their house ,,,Connie told Jim to have fun and as the women started walking to Saras car Carol asked her something and my wife told her that I do love sucking c*** and would swallow everything telling her to go ahead and ask me .I was so humiliated when Carol called us over and asked me about sucking mens c**** saying that I loved sucking c*** and always swallowed every drop that I recieved from a mans c***. That day I wasnt sent with Jim to work as their sissy maid,,I spent the entire day as Jims s** slave .

Jul 19

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  • I would love that happen to me.

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