My embaressing fantesies

I fantesised s**, women from my childhood. between 13 to 17 i used to have s** with my two maternal sisters one of them was of my age and on was just 8 to 9 year old. i was also fantesising s** with my aunt and as she let me sleep with her in her blanket just considering me a kid i used to rub against her. these things continued further, i had s** with my paternal sister, my maid, one far relative, a friend's sister afterward.
The real wierd thing what i think about my self is that though i never had anything with my real sister but i always fantesise s** between real brother and sister. and now after my marrige i fantesise my wife having s** with other guy. ... i am a freak n need counselling

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  • You just like taboo of things. Dont worry about it. If you stop thinking about it, it goes away.

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