i'm selfish. i dont honestly care. I

i'm selfish.
i dont honestly care.
I hate injustice.
I hate it when bad things happen to good people.
i wrote a book that i could never publish because of secrets.
I love myself very much and i dont think its a bad thing.
i have an amazing boyfriend but i know one day he will break my heart.
i've come to my senses with reality and that I dont know where i stand with God.
Im in church, im out of church.
im whispered about.
I like God but im scared of his followers.
Everything i've ever liked about myself and every good memory i've ever had i never share with anyone.
i rant like i fiend.
i dont understand why the past comes in photographs and never in video.
i just want answers

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  • Someone help me

  • agree with 1st comment.

  • ^Genius, I hate to disagree, but you tell a quadroplegic your life is as bad as theirs, and if the family doesn't beat you down, someone should. I care, when someone shows me they want change, and I see them working at it. I do not care when someone glorifies themselves as a tragic victim of the cruel fates, with a memory in "Photographs and never in video.". Your commentary is the definition of apathetic, and with a touch of Tolstoyish philosophy along with it. We're only as f***** as the next guy when we buy into your glam tragedy bullshit.

  • You can't have the answers. There are no answers. And don't say that you don't care, because it's obvious that you do. Anyone who says that they don't care does care, because they care enough that you think that they don't care. They want to look apathetic. It's a disguise people put on to appear stronger than they are, lacking human emotions, and thus lacking weaknesses. You're no different from the rest of us. You care, you have a s***** life, you want to complain about it. Same as me. Same as pretty much everyone. Everyone thinks they have it worst, when in reality, as a whole, we're all just as f***** as the next guy.

  • No, you don't love yourself. Your sabatoging yourself by setting yourself up for heart break. Start looking for god within yourself and you'll feel better. P.S. you can be perfect and people will always whisper and talk about you.

  • Wow, I just hate melodramatic, hyperbolic, bullshit, but there ya go.

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