Having s** in the shower is like 30

Having s** in the shower is like 30 times harder than they make it seem like on t.v and in the movies. No position worked and we accidentally pulled down the shower rod we ended up going to the bed room and having s** on his bed soaking wet. Then we had to go and get BACK in the shower because of the sweat and the odd way we dried off. I'm kinda ticked it didn't work out in the shower because that just would have been hella sexy instead of the story I now have. We were too tall for any position and had to finish on the bed. Bleh.

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  • If you he is just about 4 to 6 inches taller then it works OK. But I am 10 inches taller than my wife, I cant get that low standing up and still perform. The way we found to make it work was for her to bend over and then I get her from behind. Have fun

    Big Daddy

  • At least you didn't make the tiled shower wall cave in like we did! No lie. :) Ceramic tile hurts the feets.

  • It works out for me and my wife. It is a small shower and we know not to use the curtain rod as support. I'm taller than my wife as well.

    What works for us is a behind approach. She gets up on her tippytoes and I get a little lower and take her from the rear. It usually gets us off SO fast. the foreplay under the nozzle spray helps prime us. Its not a hard position, but just a little cold because we're not under the hot water..

    After you just rinse again and get out with a glow and a smile on your face.

  • Uhm, yeah, my wife and I have tried it a few times and it doesn't work, unless you're in a huge shower and have plenty of room to spread out.

  • LOL I know I feel the same way! I am short and my man is tall, so it is akward for us to do it standing up. The best "water s**" is hot tub/pool s**, things get too slippery in the shower!

  • haha! i've always wondered the logistics of shower s**.

    i guess it's like how real life s** is never as simple and smooth as it is on tv either.

  • get a bigger shower.

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