Friend's Wife

I'm 32 male married. I have one of my friend living close to my place. He and his wife visit us and we visit them too.
The issue is when we visit them.

His wife is friendly with my wife, smiling etc basically a very good girl.
Recently, noticed, she leans forward and her b**** popping out, showing her cleavage. She`ll bend down with her back showing.

Last time was really awkard for me.
Me and my friend were sitting beside each other and the wifes on the the opposite side of the sofa.
My friend's wife, leaned forward and she took almost 30-40 seconds to serve the tea. During this whole time her b**** were visible.

I find it strange for this to happen every time we visit them. Too much coincidence, though initially I thought it off as unintentional.

I spoke to my wife, she asked me to ignore.
I avoid visiting them as much as possible. But looking at my friend's wife she is absolutely normal.

I am not sure if my friend notice or understands this.

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  • Mother in law ! IMHO please stay away, though I can understand your situation.

    But friend's wife...hhmmmm... too difficult to resist, honest confession. Still I'm trying my best :)

  • I have a similar issue but its my mother in law. She has a 34 size t*** and I have trouble not to look becasue she is only in her early 50 and looks great.

  • Is she playing for you or your wife? Does her husband force her to do this. All very tantalising.

  • She does all this stuff to me like leaning down showing her cleavage, back, not once but regularly.

  • The other couple wants to have fun... at the very least, add some spice to their relationship. At most, full foursome swinging.

  • F*** her man, you are lucky. Set up a 04some, she would enjoy, your wife would love too!

  • They want a foursome indulge.

  • Ha ha ...
    I don't blame you for your guess though.

    My wife would kill me and to be honest I won't agree. Like I said, I love my wife too much and she is happy with me :)

    Thanks for your comments though.

  • The question is, what would you do if she ask you to have s** with her?

  • She is good looking, attractive. S** with her ! No way. I have a beautiful wife and love her. Don't want to spoil a life long relationship just for few moments.

    But if it continues this way, me and my friend will loose touch sooner than later.

  • May be she is attracted to you and have sexual desires. Tricky situations as these kind of relations always end up spoiling your married life

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