I am a mid thirties married blonde soccer mom. My husband had a vasectomy after our second son was born. I haven't been spermed since. When my husband's friend confessed to him that his wife would not have s** any longer, my husband offered to help. When he asked me to talk to his friend's wife I agreed. I found out she hated s** & refuses to take birth control and thinks her husband's sperm laden s**** is disgusting. She hates when it drops out of her & gets stuck in the dark hair of her pubic bush. During s**, my husband was turned on by the thought of sharing me with his friend. When he asked if I would consider milking his friend's c*** cowgirl style, I said only without a condom. He was very hesitant, but finally agreed. We began by my husband telling me to pull down my pants & panties and inviting his friend to smell & French kiss my p****. It made me so h**** & wet to hear him tell my husband he loved the way my shaved p**** smelled & tasted. About a month later, my husband invited his friend to a round of golf. Instead of golfing he rented a hotel room. After stripping & getting my p**** kissed, My husband invited his friend to lay beside him & feel me milk his c***. I whispered in his friend's ear, tell my husband you want to sperm his wife. When I heard him tell my husband that, I was so wet. I milked his c*** about 1 minute when he grabbed my waist & held me down when his c*** started e********** in me. When he finished, I slid off his c***, pinched my shaved p**** lips together & stood on his side of the bed bent over so they could see if I could hold his load or if it was so much that I leaked. The most erotic part was going to his house later that day & sitting & talking to his wife full of her husband's sperm.

May 12, 2020

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  • Hubby should have eaten all that c** before you went out. Maybe next time.

  • It shocks me how many men want their women to fool around with other men

  • Why not? Nothing wrong in doing that

  • Obviously written by a guy lol

  • This story is super hot!! Wish you cold milk me

  • Legend, find 'em, fondle "em, finger 'em, f uck 'em and forget "em

  • I used to love to take my daughter to soccer practice. There were a lot of divorced h**** soccer moms at practice. I had a thing going with two divorced mothers at the same time, neither knowing about the other. My luck finally ran out when they found out I was playing them both. I had two other prospective moms I was grooming. When it hit the fan, word got out, and I was a pariah. From then on, none of the women would even talk to me.

  • You are wonderful.

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